[EU] RustZone Battlefield #1

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[EU] RustZone Battlefield #1

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:15 am

Welcome to RustZone, Rustzone is a new Rust server that aims to bring players the ability like other battlefield servers to spawn with a gun load out and kill other players, but here we also encourage players to build bases and work as a team with the build in /clan /friend /ff functions.

Below are a list of plugins that the server currently runs that are available to all players.

In the future their will be VIP plugins but not at the moment.

Vote Plugin - This allows for players to type /vote and see a list of websites where we are listed so they can go there to vote to gain In-Game rewards.
Spawning with Full Health - Hunger and Thirst
Auto build grades - This plugin allows players to use ingame chat commands /bgrade 1-2-3-4 to auto upgrade building parts they place to the desired level.
Configured gather rate - This plugin increases the amount of materials gathers when harvesting eg wood, ores, cloth, animal fat etc...
Quick Smelt - This allows users to smelt ores alot faster in furnaces.
Clans - This allows players to create / join clans using /clan in chat.
Friendly Fire - This allows players to use /ff in chat and enable or disable friendly fire for all their friends.
Kits - This plugin gives players an Auto Kit of Guns / Med packs when they spawn it also offers them the option to Redeem pre-made kits anytime in game with a slight cool down after retrieving a kit. (Use /kit chat command)
Unlimited durability - This means all items in game will never break.
Lusty Map - This offers the players in game map in the top left of the screen which shows them in realtime where they are in the game world.
Kill Feed - This shows Deaths in the chat log (Cause of death, Victim, Killer, Range, Weapon, Attachments etc.)
Hit Marker - This shows a hit-marker whenever a player damages another Player or animal it also shows a red skull upon killing the victim.
Connection Messages - Shows when a player Connects / Disconnects from the server.
Auto Doors - This plugin auto closes doors 5 seconds after the door is opened.
Friends API - This allows players to add and remove friends from commands in game. /friend add name /friend remove name
Teleport - This allows players to teleport to other players as well as set their on homes. (Use /info in game for chat commands)
PM - Allows players to private message each other in game using the /pm name chat command.
Remover Tool - This allows players to type /remove to enter remover tool for 30 seconds allowing them to destroy any building part they have made (aslong as they have toolcupboard permission.

This forum is still a WIP and will be updated daily along side the server, At anypoint if you wish for help in game just type /info in chat as it lists all available chat commands. If any arent working please post in the appropriate thread. Thank you RustZone Players!


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